This is the roughest of rough drafts as I have not even finished writing yet. Once written I will edit. Once edited and posted I will come back to this document from time to time in an attempt to improve it.

This is a living essay on the meaning of strategy and the differences between strategy and tactics, strategy and goals. Later: At the bottom of the page, you will find links to articles that are going to fit into this general understand and should help guide you in the right direction to thinking strategically.

Strategy needs to be defined and understood.

Imagine you are a general or king at war with an opposing force that outnumbers your own forces. They have 10x advantage in numbers and to add to the potential problems you face they also are more heavily armed with the latest and greatest in technology.

Defeat, like when the Khans came, means death. Just like surrender, when the Khans came, also meant death.

Learn about how the Khans murdered those that resisted and those that submitted.

The only option is to fight and win.

  • But how will you do it?
  • How will you ensure that your men have a 10 to 1 or better kill ratio?
  • What things will you do to ensure you have the upper hand?

What you need is a strategy.

As the general, you need to identify your goal. Once you know your goal it is time to define your strategy, once you have that you can start to implement the correct tactics to achieve that goal.

  1. Define a goal.
  2. Pick a strategy to work toward that goal.
  3. Implement the tactics that will drive the strategy and move you toward your goal.

It is the one-two three-step plan to success in any endeavor. 

But there is a big problem!!!

The problem is that in recent years society at large has worked to misidentified strategy. Mixing goals, tactics, and strategy into one big marketspeak.

Basically, at the end of the day, you have a poorly defined understanding that marketers exploit, and each time they do so they ingrain the poor understanding and incorrect meaning of these terms. or deep enough in understanding for you to spot the difference. Now for some of you that are thinking “your wrong, I already get it” Great! You can go on and read about tactics and use this site to its full effect so that when the day comes you are ready to use the tactics and work toward your goal using your chosen strategy.

For the rest of us including myself, the topic needs much greater exploration. I know already that I will be back to update and change this article as my understanding deepens.

Back to our example and how things can go wrong.



This section is in progress.