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The Primary Book You Must Read

Only the most essential things were remembered and survived long enough to be written down thousands of years ago. The stories written were eventually compiled into a library contained within this library are the echoes of meaning throughout time. People, often the subject of the contents of this library, without even realizing it, find themselves repeating the patterns found within.

I’m talking about the Bible. No other document is so directly crucial to your survival and contains such well-condensed information as the Biblical text. If you want to understand the things around you and how to prepare for a disaster or prevent it, read the Bible, understanding that each story has a much deeper meaning.

The complexities of society as a whole and individuals down to their unique thoughts are packaged neatly and concisely. Most people read these stories without giving them much thought beyond their surface value. Cain was angry, and he killed his brother.

My goal is to get secular people to understand that taking the Bible in a serious light provides them with spectacular value. Yes, some of us use this book as our primary guide for our lives. However, taking this single book seriously can be powerful even in a non-religious context.

Why Bother with That Old Thing?

Have you ever wanted to understand the people around you better? What about a better understanding of yourself and repetitive mistakes? Do you know that farming leads to violence and big government? Do you want to appear to see the future? Some of you know what I’m talking about, and for others, you are left scratching your head.

I will not dive deeply into the subject right now. However, Christians believe you must have the Holy Spirit to fully understand the Bible and all of the deeper meanings within, giving you a supernatural ability to understand things beyond understanding.

But I’m not going to push this idea on you. My only goal right now is to get you to read the Bible at all. My deeper understanding brings me to the point that the stumbling block for the Greeks is knowledge, and you may run into this issue as you read. [check and source]

A Note About Getting Ahead

Life is hard. People are evil. It is not that every person you meet is evil, but if you meet 20 and one is evil, they have the potential to undo any good of the previous 19 people you came in contact with if you are not ready. To that point, even people that think they are ready often get eaten alive. The Bible can help you avoid the world’s traps.

For this reason, the Bible is the best way to get ahead in any endeavor. I will attempt to show an example in the next section of how this works. The easiest thing to realize is that people have not changed that much in the last 10-6,000 years, maybe longer.

Reading and attempting to understand the oldest document in history will give you an edge. If anything, the people who believed it necessary enough to write down and preserve often endured great pains. Think about how hard it might be to find an essential death certificate or birth certificate from a couple of hundred years ago. Now realize this document has lasted at least 6,000 years. Some people responsible for keeping the Bible intact have faced significant danger, but the Bible remains.

Deeper Understanding Through Deeper Thought

Returning to our example earlier about Cain and Abel, some people may get to the implied meaning that Cain was angry because his brother found favor with God by doing as he was supposed to. Cain was jealous.

However, packed within this single section is so much more. You need to know some history for context, but let’s extrapolate. I recently heard Jorden Peterson talking about some of the more profound meanings within the 16 verses of the Cain and Abel story.

Farming leads to a store of wealth. Stores of wealth lead to violence. Violence leads to the need for government.

We can sustain more people using farming, but the additional surplus created causes some people to think of ways to gain unfairly.

When people are hunting, gathering, or herding, they need little in the way of possessions. The land and nature provide everything. But once you introduce farming, the entire system is based on a need to put in much work up front and reap the benefits later.

However, to work efficiently, farmers need a way to store value, such as the crops or the byproducts once processed. This storage is what leads to the potential for violence.

When times are good, out-of-band tribes will see the surplus and say, “this should be ours to share.” When times are bad, they will cry the same thing.

The farmers join forces to defend themselves when they eventually attack and often intentionally or unintentionally create government.

The first royalty of any society was likely formed this way as raiders ransacked the farmers. Heroes would come to the rescue. This scenario has played out in history leading up to the Middle Ages, recently in Bolshevik Russia and during the Qin dynasty, to name a few examples (leaving out so many others).

There are Biblical examples of this same concept. This same pattern repeats over and over, both on a large and small scale.

Finding Purpose

Last, I hope you find the more profound purpose for your life in the Bible. At the same time, I don’t want to scare people away that are not fond of religion. I understand the many reasons why you might feel this way. But as long as you only take other people’s opinions and don’t read the primary sources, then you will never find true peace with what you choose to believe, either for Christ or against Christ, and never know the true power of the Bible as a survival tool.

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