Something I have long thought missing from the survival and prepping world is a good insight into the strategic side of things when thought of as the long-term. My goal with this site is to give you tactics that will point you toward one overall goal … your strategy. I have been in scouts and have been a camper, hiker, and general survivalist my entire life. I don’t have much trust in big systems, but I live in the world with them every day.

Thinking long-term is the goal. I hope to get more details here later.

But I will tell you I have grown up hunting and camping. I have always been interested in survival and have prioritized learning about and paying attention to survival information and techniques. I hope I can add something good to the prep and survival world.

Regarding strategies vs. tactics. They are the same but at differing levels of understanding and overview. The best I have ever heard this concept explained is by thinking of a fractal. As you zoom in closer, each tactic becomes the strategy of the year, the month, the day, the hour, down to the very moment in time you are executing. In this same way zooming out and grouping each idea into a bigger and bigger picture makes it a strategy.

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