A Special Note About How This Site Works…

I love to write and explore the world of survival, prepping, and bushcraft but I’m personally just not there yet. There in the way some people can devote their entire lives and every cent they make to these things. I want to get there, but it just isn’t my time yet. Right now I work as a software developer. And one of the things I have been hard at work on is this site. While some of the systems are not in place yet but are still in a testing phase others have been implemented. For instance, as of right now I have told the system which videos I like on YouTube and it automatically pulls them over and tries to suggest new videos. This so far has been working great. I watch the videos that it pulls over and because I pre-selected most of them I know they are good.

But here is the cool part I am working on. Each post on this site can be rated. I am working on a system that will take those rating and then automatically bring content similar as indicated by the ratings. Don’t be surprised if something “bad” gets through just rate it as such and things should work out well in the long run. I hope to get this thing where I am making my own videos and writing more often but until them please enjoy the new automated system.

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