It’s time to get very tactical with your Prepping

The Importance of Taking Preparedness Seriously

People often think prepping is a hobby or game, but we know this is serious. The aim of this site is regarding the tactics of preparing. It is vital for you to understand what I mean, so please read the about page. The ins and outs that make prepping work day-to-day.

We will discuss the difference between tactics and strategy, look at many common prepper recommendations, and compare and contrast these recommendations. We will dive deep into the underlying assumptions of these recommendations to get at the heart of the necessity.

Ultimately, I hope to produce a guide that you can use well beyond the actual contents of this site. Something that will help you and your family overcome real-world challenges no matter what comes your way. Get ready for a wild ride because I will come at you fast and keep you on your toes.

Heading into Uncertainty

The world is full of uncertainty and danger. Most people navigate the day-to-day without realizing the danger they evaded. This ignorance leads to an excellent opportunity for you to be a leader, a chance to lend a helping hand, a chance for you to thrive, and ultimately the chance to survive.

Remember, many people represent SHTF as the complete collapse of society, every man or woman for themselves. However, I can show you with math that it is far more likely that you will face something looking less like an apocalyptic move and more like a disaster zone.

You are far more likely to face several months or a few years of challenge and not for decades on end. However, that doesn’t mean we ignore the possible and only look at the probable. The entire point is preparedness.

Financial Preparedness

The financial realm is the first area any single person or family should focus on prepping. Please understand that I’m not saying economics is the most important. I will discuss the most essential aspect later on this page and elsewhere.

Still, if you want to start prepping, you will begin seeing success if you can afford what you need. I’ve known preppers that think it is okay to go into debt to prep, but they are willing to sacrifice in other ways, such as working multiple jobs or working twice as hard at owning a business.

However, anyone who wants to start prepping can learn the most basic management skills to help them move forward in ALL aspects of their prepping needs by learning to manage money.

There are many parallels between working money and managing calories. Both are a budget, and you can use both to calculate how many days you have left with current supplies. I will go into a lot of detail about these concepts later. We will deep dive into having hard money, making money, allocating what to spend and when, and guide you on setting your numbers.

Home and Family Preparedness

If you have immediate family that lives with you, get them on board with your plans, but make sure you read this entire section and consider the ramifications. I know this is not always possible, and you need to evaluate this objectively.

If you are still living with family because you are young, it can be hard to tell your parents or older adults how you feel, but often level-headed people will agree and want to work with you on your plans. If you live with a spouse or significant other, getting them on board is essential to your long-term success.

I will tell you from experience that if you have a family member addicted to anything, drugs or alcohol, you must first evaluate the best action to deal with the addiction. Even things that don’t fit the “standard definition” of addiction can present a problem.

The main focus for home and family is getting everyone on the same page, and if you are single, do not think you have precisely escaped here. Single people that live alone will benefit if they can find support from those around them.

Mental and Spiritual Preparedness

While I may have said focusing on the financial aspects of prepping is the first thing you want to do, I don’t think the economic is the most essential aspect. Mentally and spiritually, preparing is the most important.

Imagine saving up enough to buy property and start building a homestead without having the guts to pull the trigger. Imagine amassing everything you need to protect yourself and your family but not acting when needed because you freeze. People crumble under this kind of pressure.

I’ll lay it out to bear here and now that my perspectives are Christian. I’m heavily biased in this direction, and if you can head in the same direction, then we can get along very easily. I have agnostic friends, some atheists, and several other religions, and you can find people that are spiritually and mentally unprepared from all groups, Christians not excluded.

While I attempt to be highly logical and pragmatic in my approaches, I will promote the Christian perspective and encourage you to read your Bible any chance, but I won’t shove it down your throat. I’m also a fowlable human being. Take the next section, for instance, there are clear parallels between Noah and the flood, but I won’t point things out like that; if you know, you know. Regarding the previous sentence, this is a rare case where pointing out what I’m doing is warranted and doesn’t constitute me shoving anything down your throat.

Considering Friends and Family that Know You are the Crazy One

The last thing I would like to say for this article has to do with the people you are not able to win to your side immediately. You start to build your fortress. People will “know” you are crazy. “There goes Joe thinking the world is going to end.” I’ve overheard things said and even been told to my face that I’m crazy for wanting to be ready. Ignore these poor fools.

I believe prepping is our duty to ourselves, our families, and potentially the people around us. Not being prepared means we become a burden to others; sometimes, when you are a burden, you steal the life from someone else. So, while they all laugh and sneer, remember you are doing the right thing, and these people will ask you for help when SHTF.

When they come, you need to do the hard something and evaluate if you can help them. Assuming you are far along in your prepping journey and have amassed plenty of resources, maybe you can, but if you only have enough for yourself and your family, you must be ready to turn people away or defend yourself.


I was forged in the wilderness and have seen dangers nobody knows. I hope you will not need the information I provide, but learning it could save your life.

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