Natural Eating A Matter of Survival

Natural Eating: Everyone Thinks They Know

You can start your search on google for natural eating or clean eating [or, God forbid, healthy eating] but know you will be disappointed. Everyone thinks they know about clean and natural eating, but most of the crap you will find is just plain wrong. I have no faith in the people telling me to read the label or follow the food pyramid. I don’t even feel like they are really what I am looking for?.?.? Natural Eating, to me, is something different. It would consist of knowing what I need to eat to thrive in health, body, and mind. It is literally the very thing that could drive your survival.

If you and I went to the store and looked at labels, would we feel better at the end of the day? Would we have known all the things to avoid?

Thank you for shopping face down

Thank you for shopping face down

You may know more than I; we may come out pretty well. But this article is about looking at some alternatives to the mainstream advice, expanding on what I have found more recently, and trying to give you and me some “tools” for making better choices from this point on.

It will Save You Now

I feel like you, and I are on the same page, but if you do not see the big picture, let me spell it out: Natural Eating will save you money, time, health, energy, quality of life; shall I keep going? I mean, I could…

If you eat something that makes you feel bad, let’s say sluggish as a huge bready meal does for me, why would you keep doing it? Do you not think you will lose out later? For instance, those 1-2 hrs I feel sluggish, I could literally fall asleep behind the wheel, nothing gets done work-wise, and my wife says I am irritable. If we look at wealth alone, that meal cost me between $40-120, depending on what I am doing and what I could have done instead.

Listen, don’t take my word for it take a look at these articles from Harvard:

Healthy plant-based diet linked with substantially lower type 2 diabetes risk

This interesting article says whole-grains save lives but fails to distinguish if the people not eating whole-grains are eating some other form of grains.

There was another article I read about salt. If you cut salt out for a few weeks, the gist was that you would start to hate fast food automatically.

You Actually Will Save Money

Guess what else!?!? You can save some dang money!!!

Yeah, no joke, people always say, “eating healthy is expensive” guess what? Your definition of healthy sucks. If you want some insight into what I am talking about, check out this film, That Sugar Film (affiliate link to Amazon); our hero eats the so-called healthy way only to find his body and mind in dire straights.

My wife and I did our own natural eating experiment based on The Whole 30 (affiliate link to Amazon). The first thing we noticed is we were spending way less at the grocery store. Cutting the crap out cost less… What? If someone tells you it is too expensive to eat “healthy,” then you know already that they don’t have a clue what it means, and they likely didn’t try. We saved money week after week between eating less in total because we felt less hungry and buying higher quality calories.

It Will Save You Later

Here is the kicker of it all; eating naturally will save you money now and your health later. If you were in a survival situation, roman noodles seem like a good investment, but those seed-savers will be running circles around you. You would be better off learning about canning and other food preservation techniques like drying; then, you are buying crap.

Farmers Market

I have always wondered if an MRE is designed to last for 7 years, what chemicals make that possible? Do you think eating MRE for an extended period was something they really tested for or designed them for? Sure, stock up, but watch out. Know that temperature diminishes the shelf life dramatically.

Thousands of MRE stacked on the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman.
So not only can you save your money and health, now and later. But you can also save your survivalist plans [if it ever came to that]. Yes, you read that right eating natural can keep your plans for Armageddon on track. It is a tactic that pays off in almost all of the long-term strategies.

Eating Natural is Eating Clean and is Truly Eating Healthy

Your good ol pals at acme diet corp caught on to your desires. Now they are marketing the crap out of “healthy eating.” And they have done a great job of pulling the wool over our eyes. If you did not see the previous recommendation, That Sugar Film (affiliate link to Amazon) gives an interesting look at this little marketing ploy designed to separate you from your money and make you feel perfect about the crap you are buying because it says “healthy” on it. Here is another interesting look at the industry as a whole (affiliate link to Cooked on Amazon) and how we got to where we are.

For me, it used to be I would crash after every meal,

But here is what I can tell you I learned over the last 60 or so days we have been eating Natural and Clean and Healthy; it works. For me, it used to be I would crash after every meal, not closing my eyes and micro sleeping was near impossible. Now I know I only experience this when I eat particular things. Guess what, that’s great! I mean, now I know!

Yeah, he knows what I am talking about

I feel like I have broken out of a damned trap designed to keep me passive and foolish. Or, as they say, “ignorant and dependent.” What I am trying to get at… Eating the right way can literally be a matter of life and death, but more than literally, it can also impact our general health. The things we put into our bodies are important to our survival.

It Comes Down To Good Choices

I went all over the place to say one thing. Eating a natural diet is healthy by a matter of practice. The benefits are numerous and often missed when you look at the cursory information or the value of right now. Eating healthy takes a little more work in the kitchen and at the store. But the rewards are fantastic. From a survival standpoint (which I will get into more detail soon), I think it is the right tactic, and you need to start now. I would think it wouldn’t matter as to your overall strategy. This is a blanket tactic that will pay off in the long run.

Leave a comment, tell me the truth about what you think. And please share this with others.

2018 Update

This was first published in 2016, and I have done further research and found more resources to help in this arena. I plan on writing more content and going into great depth on these issues. Below are a few videos that will get you thinking about this topic until I get the new content written and published.

Paleo Diet

Carnivore Diet

Ketogenic diet


I was forged in the wilderness and have seen dangers nobody knows. I hope you will not need the information I provide, but learning it could save your life.

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