News Updates: Keep Your Finger on the Pulse – Rights Violations

This is about being Ready

When you want to start preparing for what is possibly going to come you need to be ready to notice what could be coming. This means measuring with a reasonable degree of certainty the past and comparing that to what is happening now…

It’s about the distribution of Important News

Let’s cut the chase and make clear what I am trying to do here. Aside from having a place to store the important and useful information I find on prepping and survival. I also want somewhere that I can distribute important news about the state of things.

Rights Violations

So far I have set up some Google Alerts, but I am working on some programs that automatically take care of finding and curating the content so that it is distributed to you. I will also start posting videos in the near future. So for now, take a look at what came through from Google Alerts on Rights Violations. Which is a great place to start because someone needs to keep an eye out for it.

Gross human rights violations in govt-run mental asylum: DCW

In the past two months, 11 residents at Asha Kiran, a government-run shelter in Rohini for mentally ill people, have died. The revelation comes after …
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Whatcom berry farmer appeals $102K in fines for illegal water use

“We’ve issued a few penalties in the range of $60,000 to $80,000 in other areas of the state in the recent years” for water rights violations, she said.
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UN report outlines ‘devastating cruelty’ against Rohingya population in Myanmar

A UN report issued on Friday stated that the widespread human rights violations perpetrated by Myanmar’s security forces against the Rohingya …
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Silencing Dissent – the War on Human Rights in Sudan

Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim is one of the most distinguished human rights defenders in Sudan known for his role in exposing human rights violations in Darfur.
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More Local Flavor

Jury finds Miami-Dade detective guilty of civil rights violations

MIAMI – A federal jury convicted William Kostopoulos, a former detective with the Miami-Dade Police Department, on Friday of violating the civil rights …
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Claim filed against county alleging civil rights violations in arrest that injured man

An attorney for a man who suffered a broken leg and other injuries as Kern County sheriff’s deputies arrested him at a convenience store in September …
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Black Workers Accuse Nissan of Civil Rights Abuses in Mississippi

In late 2015, the National Labor Relations Board charged Nissan and a temporary worker agency with violating workers’ rights in Mississippi.
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More to come as I perfect the system. Leave a comment and let me know what other kinds of things you think we should be watching for. And find a way to join the fight. Share this post, or get involved. (more to come on that later)…