Review of 7 in 1 Field Survival Whistle

Masumi Childers does an excellent job showing us how this whistle actually works and its weak points.

I would love to stick this in my bag, but I won’t rely on it to save my life. But come on, I have a good compass and thermostat. I know how to use my fingers to whistle. Although I found I can’t do it long without my lips cracking, there are still some good reasons to keep this little tool around.

  1. You can blow much longer than you can yell (I got that from Sumi)
  2. Think of it as a simple backup, not as you go to
  3. It’s super inexpensive but doesn’t feel as cheap as you would think (it is quality enough for the price)

I plan on posting more once I get mine in, but I’d say that it is pretty good and should reach you far for a start. If you have suggestions, let me know –>. Leave a comment below.

You can grab this whistle here on our recommendation page


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