Things to Think About – Eggs and the Collapsing Money Systems

The end of our money system or the beginning of something new? And how Eggs play a part…

In the video the narrator makes a strong case for how the dollar is facing imminent doom. Are you ready for a situation where it takes $10,000 USD to purchase a gallon of milk or loaf of bread or 1 dozen eggs? I would say many are not. However, what are the real alternatives that could work?

Alternative Money

Something to consider is how Bitcoin is seeming to take over some African areas as the only working form of currency, a kind of anti-collapsing money system. Earlier this year I found out that the largest online retailer in Africa started accepting Bitcoin. I find that news very interesting.


Another alternative is one that isn’t so new. Precious metals; gold and silver are the good ole standbys that predate all of us. It would be a little foolish to put all your reliance in something younger than you are, and unless you are around 4 at the time of this writing that means bitcoin is very new.

Other Ways

Everyone always brings up bartering, but in the book Debt we can see this is somewhat of a mythical behavior that none uses in a practical way. However, it is still something that could work on some levels. Need a security light setup? – Ok, give me 3 dozen eggs.



What would likely work better is going to be derived products, but problems arise when we try to think this out. For instance how many eggs is a security light really worth? I personally eat 6 eggs each morning… Meaning installing that security light for you with the solar panel will give you years of protection, maybe even from predators searching for eggs. But those eggs will only last me around 6 days…

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Break Down of Egg Problem

Let’s take that a little further let’s say it saves you 3 eggs a week from racoons and possums, and that your light lasts for 2 years. My install just saved you (52*3 = 159 for 1 year then 159*2 = eggs over the 2 years) 318 eggs, 20-30% seems like a more fair deal.


Almost Conclusion of Egg Problem

If you agreed to the 30% deal spread out over the years. I would get somewhere around 1 egg a week. Now I need to find a way to do this same deal for (6*7) 42 people and I can have my 6 eggs a day…


That almost seems to work out pretty nice, except as we add more people and complexity to our system we have more room for problems.

Unforeseen Problems of Egg Problem

Now we have to look at situations like what happens when the light breaks? Does the original deal still hold? If it holds how are we counting “saved” eggs? Do we “reset” or continue the deal when I fix the light?

Another thing is what about if one of these 42 people gets mad, moves, dies, or has other issues… While in theory the solution above sounds good it is quickly becoming full of holes. Without trying I have just made a case for how we need to get paid now…

True Conclusion to this Article

I think something that is sorely missing from the prepping world is a look at things like making money, starting businesses, or getting the right job to allow you to properly prep. Maybe the money you make allows you to buy the supplies and land you need. Or starting a business will allow you to make the right connections. Or getting the right job will allow you to learn some new skills that will help you later down the road. While money systems are likely collapsing around us, we still need to play in them to gain the resources we need for later. It is kind of what is all about; preparing.

I will write more about this because I think it is important and the first thought I had when I watched the video is that I need to make so much more money so that I can better prepare my family and have the resources we need to get through any coming problems.