Update: Where Was I 2-3/4 Years Explained

Recently it has been a crazy few years. I know many people have messaged about missing posts and other questions. I kept my twitter with small activities, and I was waiting. I have done many experiments now. Most of them will save your life. I’m proud of some work in the crypto space and privacy.

I have found secret communications via secret ways to connect to the internet. Many of them I will share. Some of them allow the building of other internets. For instance, I have a way to communicate over very long distances using technology in your home router and methods to keep the communication very private.

Me in a tent
waking up like this @LouwLemmer via Twenty20

I have tested many cryptocurrencies working to build some apps and try things leading to better privacy from oppressive governments. But this work is not ready.

Last, I have found and tested hundreds of survival recipes and tactics, from daily living to long-term hiding in the outdoors.

I was out among the wilderness hiding for 2 years straight, starting several months before COVID-19. My plan was only to be 3 months, but I had full power and long-distance internet communication. So when COVID-19, I thought it was the end.

My original plan was to post as I was living, but I was apprehensive, as you might understand. So I stayed hidden and tried more things than my original plan.

Good news for you because some things seem to work but will not keep you warm when it gets -40°C good for me because I know how to keep warm.

very nice view of light through the trees in the morning
@agirelli via Twenty20

Now I’m back, but I’m still keeping low. I wish my web provider had not moved my website. There are some details in his report, but it sucks for me. The missing posts are still here need to be fixed and posted now for you. It will take me some time.

Now give me that time, and I will make this much better than it ever was. I was living better in the woods than my cramped 1 bedroom apartment I was at before.

And through the help of a few friends, I have found ways to make money online. It seems fake, but I put the checks in the bank 4 days ago, and they called yesterday to say the money is available and the checks were good. I tried some of this before, but this is the first time I get paid.

Me with my dog in mountains
@reidmurphy via Twenty20

The small changes you will see are only stock photos. I will teach you better internet privacy, but I will use it too.

I must go now before I think of other things to tell. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


I was forged in the wilderness and have seen dangers nobody knows. I hope you will not need the information I provide, but learning it could save your life.

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